This winter I made a birth card for my friend. Their dog Douce is featured in it and their hens (who were actually roosters haha) On the blanket was space for their address.

This winter I made a birth card for my friend.
Their dog Douce is featured in it and their hens (who were actually roosters haha) On the blanket was space for their address.

'Alba' To-Do Notebook
Handmade notebooks called after my owl Alba.
For the people who intend to make to do lists - so close to being organized! - but lose the whole lists instead. Hopefully it will be of help now they’re all collected in one little book :) Quality sketch paper & kraft cardboard.
19 cm x 12 cm. Sold on Etsy here!

Facade game

Watch a video impression here

For a schoolassigment we had to make a game (could be of any sort) with privacy as a theme. My idea was to make use of the different sides that we all have in life, your private one and one for the outside. This I used in an abstract way and thought of a two-sided game board with a ‘light’ and a dark side. You need both sides to get through the game but they are also each others enemy. You have to unlock certain colours and other items and you collect these with cards. The aim is to get to the point in the middle which is transparent, then you defeated ‘the system’ and there is no difference anymore between light and dark. The bigger outside circles on the board are used to flip from face to face. Thus the name ‘Facade’ which can also mean a deceptive outward appearance which can be part of the side you show public.

I chose to make a game table because it has a more independent look and feel, and I like the idea of having one game altogether, all parts built in. This makes it a clean and nice aesthetic and it’s also combining 2D and 3D into something quite interactive.

Summer portrait

Yesterday I made some photo’s for a school project!

Here’s a selection. The assignment was about creating a summer portrait, and with that you could do anything you wanted. So I tried to have this fairy like atmosphere combined with her piercing dark eyes creating a more uncomfortable image to watch rather than a soft and dreamy one. 

Kim van den Elzen


It has been a full day of rain and thunder, the light right now is just beautiful.

Flowers | Sketch

Flowers | Sketch

The Piano Tuner and the Farmer’s Daughter
Ink and white paint on paper, real size 50x70 cm.

Self portrait | Cardboard, paint.

HEY/BYE | Riso prints

What I wanted to try and tell with using mainly the colours blue and red was a story that could be interpreted in more ways. For me it was about being human, the vains, your hands, meaning the vulnerable, the touch with everything around you. At the same time showing this in an analytical/biological way. The red vain and the blue vain coming together as one blood circulation as shown in biological maps of the body. These two could represent boy and girl.

But also what the hand itself could stand for in this context. You can wave goodbye but you can say hello as well. The gesture itself could mean both. Thus the vulnerability of us, the momentary life. The hello and the goodbye.

Civil Servants
This month I took pictures for the band Civil Sevants.
Check out their music!

Riso Print of Owl & Fox!
Would you be interested in purchasing one of these?
Riso printed on high quality paper, size A3.
For 5 euros

Bookcovers I

For a schoolassignment we had to make a series of bookcovers. I chose to make two (see next post) For these series I was inspired by the Afrikaanse language that is very similar to Dutch. It’s not as funny for people who don’t know Dutch for you can’t understand the similarities or differences between the two.
Below are the meanings of the words in Afrikaans, Dutch and English.
Everything written (like the biography) is fiction.

stray dog, mixed breed dog


teentje knoflook
piece of garlic

wildernis, zeer ver weg van de bewoonde wereld

open haard

Bookcovers II - remake
For a schoolassignment we had to make a series of bookcovers. I chose to make a series inspired by existing ones and make my own rendition of them.

Arnhem souvenir, cardholder

For a schoolassignment we had to create a souvenir for the city of Arnhem; no cliché stereotyical gifts but new ones. First I thought I had to make clear what a souvenir was for me personally. This would be something, a memory that you keep from a place rather than a tangible thing like a mug or a magnet to go on your fridge. For me memories are moments which you capture by taking pictures, or maybe more formally by buying picture postcards.

I also wanted to combine the historical aspect of the city; the old buildings - some of them destroyed, some of them preserved. I digged into the Gelderlandse archives and searched for interesting buildings. These I traced in Illustrator and cut them out with a lasercutter.

With these you can play and remake your own Arnhem. At the same time you can read and learn about when the buildings were built and what their original addresses are.

Between the houses and trees you can put your pictures or cards - the memories that you made - and place them between the old, already excisting memories and history of the city, creating new landscapes with your own pictures.